Caramel & Onyxe 2010


“When I asked my daughter Camila to say few words about Rock (Australian Labradoodle) – she said write that he is wonderful…., when I asked what else should I say, she said “say he is the best!”
This is the biggest love of my daughter, my son loves him too.

We attend training with him and he is very smart.

People open their mounth in amazement when he passes them on the street”



Onze Doodle heet Luna Wlochata Pasja (Australian Labradoodle), ze is nu 9 maanden oud en is een hele slimme meid.
Toen we haar de eerste keer zagen op de foto met alle puppies, waren we meteen verkocht. Het was echter nog niet duidelijk of zij bij onze levensijl (qua karakter) zou passen. Wekelijks kregen we een mail van de fokker met foto’s van alle honden en een omschrijving hoe met de socialisatie van de puppies ging. Ongeveer 2 weken voordat wij haar konden ophalen, kregen wij een mail met bevestiging dat de zwarte bengel ons mee naar huis mocht. Bij het ophalen van Luna kregen wij nog een goede uitleg, hoe we haar verder moesten trainen en opvoeden om een prettige en gehoorzame hond te krijgen. Uiteindelijk zijn we met tassen vol speelgoed, voer en tips huiswaarts gegaan.
Bij ons thuis is ze vanaf dag 1 een hele vrolijke hond, die nergens bang voor is, behalve voor de Kliko-bak, maar daar hebben wij verder aan gewerkt. Zij kost ons veel tijd omdat zij van interactie houdt en veel wil leren. Het is erg makkelijk dat we bij vragen, nog steeds bij de fokker terecht kunnen.
Elwira en Diederik



`From the very first moment we had contact with E. Gajewska we knew she takes her work with dogs very seriously. We had to write her about our family, our experience with dogs, our expectations of our future dog and our willingness to learn about dog behaviour.
When the puppies were born every week we received a lot of nice pictures and stories about how the little ones were doing. With a lot of love and passion for dogs and her knowledge about dog behaviour she socialised them very well. She learned the puppies how to deal with all kind of different situations, noises, people, objects and environments etc. While socializing their behaviour and characters were observed. Based on her observations and the information we gave her about ourselves she was able to choose the right puppy for our family. She really succeeded in that. Yindi (Australian Labradoodle) is the perfect dog for us. Beside the fact that she is a real beauty ;-), she is also very sweet, funny, easy to train and for a young dog already very stable. We enjoy her presence and friendship every day.
We really feel very privileged to have a labradoodle from Wlochata pasja.
Thank you again for the wonderful job you did by breeding and socializing Yindi and her little brothers and sisters.
Tonny, Henriëtte and Sofie.


Bella (Australian Labradoodle) now is nine month old and we have got the little dog at the age of
nine weeks. She was directly so faithfull, we had no problem to integrate
her in our family. Bella is a very activ dog, she likes to play, mostly with
other dogs. And when we take a walk, she always looks for a branch to catch.
This winter was very strong, we had a lot of snow and this was the favorite
weather for Bella. She jumps in the snow and burrows with her nose that she
looks like a snowman. Bella is a sweet and gentle girl, she does a good job,
hears what I say, and conjure a smile on everybody´s face.


Mazzel Tov (Australian Labradoodle) come in our family when he was 8 weaks old. He was a very lovely browne haired pup! He was always looks a careful into the world. When he knows the things he see, he was very amused and then he goes happily near to it. He was not affraid for different things in the house. In Wlochata Pasja he has learned a lot. He knows the sounds of paper, plastic bottles, house cleaning things and he soon explored the house and the things in our house. Because he already had experiences with very
enviroments, he wasn’t affraid of different places. He was careful and
he had confidence in us, we will help him. Mazzel Tov was friendly to
other people and he was very sensitive to them. He also can walk with
them outside on the line.
In the first weeks he was with us we must create rest for him, besause
he want always play and explore his new home. We took him often in the bench, so he get rest. Little puppys must sleap 18 hours a day. When he was out off the bench he sniffle because we have give him a few brocks to eat and we do it not always in his boile. We spread it out over the floor so he can looking foor it and then eat. He likes that very much!
Now he is a good and happy dog. He can get his rest in daily live, but
also he enjoy playing and running, and catch a ball! He is very
sensitive to us and to children! He’s careful for strange things, but
not angious!
It’s a very nice dog to have!!

Mazzel Tow is a certified SERVICE DOG. There has been an article about him in press in Holland. If you want to read it please click below:
Australian Labradoodle article1
Australian Labradoodle article2
Australian Labradoodle article3

Australian Labradoodle Mazzel Tow

Australian Labradoodle Mazzel Tow



Bobbie’s new family just fave had a baby. Bobby is doing great with baby. Her job is also to go with Marcel to work with eldery people. Bobby is amazing girl



We were the family with allergies this is why we decided on Australian Labradoodle. When we got Molly it was like a dream come true. We didnot have any reactions on her. A year passed bye and she is our sweatheart, we love her a lot and thank you for choosing her to us … you could not ave done better!


Wło­chata Pasja
Fok­ker van ori­gi­nele Austra­lian Labra­do­odles

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