Ani­mals are my abso­lute pas­sion. Since I can remem­ber I was sur­ro­un­ded by them. Par­rots whom I tau­ght how to speak, guinea pigs, ham­sters, fishes, lizards, cats, dogs and even sna­ils or frogs.
Howe­ver my first true adven­ture was when I got this big hear­ted westie girl. This is when my real adven­ture began. As I wan­ted to do eve­ry­thing right I star­ted obe­dience tra­ining with her after that agi­lity tra­ining and took part in agi­lity com­pe­ti­tions.
Here we are in the TV mor­ning pro­gram with a lit­tle westie fet­ching deli­cious sau­sage and not even taking a bite of it;),okno_na_poludnie,336.html
Then I star­ted obse­rving ani­mals. The more I was reading their signals, wat­ching how they inte­ract with each other the more I was fasci­na­ted with their world. This is when I deci­ded to become a beha­vio­rist spe­cia­li­zing in ani­mal beha­vior. I obta­ined COAPE diploma (Cen­ter of Applied Pet Etho­logy with resi­dency in UK) and I con­ti­nue my stu­dies at Euro­pean Cen­ter of Ani­mal Psy­cho­logy and Prac­ti­cal Know­ledge as well as I attend semi­na­ries held by ani­mal experts such as Turid Rugaas, Alexa Capra, Sally Askew or Inki Sjo­sten.
I wor­ked for Polish Ken­nel Club as a beha­vio­rist who help them tem­pe­ra­ment test the pup­pies. At pre­sent I manage my own com­pany spe­cia­li­zing in ani­mal beha­vio­ral the­rapy as well as dog tra­inings.
All my know­ledge I turn into what I do with the pup­pies so they have eno­ugh of sti­muli as a foun­da­tion for their fur­ther deve­lop­ment.
I invite you to visit the website and if you have any com­ments or questions you are always welco­med to con­tact me.

Edyta Gajew­ska